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The Sights and Voices of Dispossession: The Fight for the Land and the Emerging Culture of the MST (The Movement of the Landless Rural Workers of Brazil)


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Sebastião Salgado


The struggle for the land: life in the settlements

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The struggle for the land: life in the settlements

Portrait of a family inside their house at the ‘Conquista na Fronteira’ settlement. Santa Catarina, 1996.

Salgado, Sebastião. Terra: Struggle of the Landless. Preface by José Saramago. Verses by Chico Buarque. Translated by Clifford Landers. London: Phaidon Press, 1998: 130 (photo), 143 (caption). Thanks to Sebastio Salgado for providing free use of his photographs and captions on this web site. For further information about the photographs and captions contact


November 2002

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Compiled by Else R P Vieira. Translation © Thomas Burns.

'A rural area for the development of farming and husbandry activity. The formation of a settlement begins when the Sem Terra occupy a latifundium, demanding its appropriation for the purpose of agrarian reform, or with the implantation of a government project for the same purpose. The settlement is formed by a complex of lots that are the units of family production' (Fernandes, Bernardo Mançano. Pequeno Vocabulário da Luta pela Terra. Unpublished). See also ENCAMPMENT and TERRITORIALIZATION. 

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